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New laws carry strict penalties for violations of probation or house arrest. Judges do not take these offenses lightly. Sentences can be very harsh, and it is extremely important to have the best legal representation possible. Recently, the penalties have grown even more severe for certain individuals. Florida's new "Anti-Murder Act" (AMA), signed into law by Governor Crist in March 2007, imposes strict sanctions for felony probation violators with a history of repeated or violent crimes, including:

No bond without hearing for most felony probation violations. If you violate your felony probation within the terms of the Anti-Murder Act, you are not entitled to bail until there is a hearing to determine if you post a danger to the community. If the judge finds that you violated your felony probation, probation is revoked and the judge must sentence you up to the statutory maximum.

Know the Probation Rules

You don't have to commit a crime to violate probation. Your probation officer may send a violation of probation or community control/house arrest warrant to the judge if you are either charged with another crime or with a technical violation. Technical violations include breaking curfew, not reporting to the officer, and failing a drug test.

If you were not informed of your responsibilities during probation, this could help your defense. Trying to defend yourself from a probation violation charge is very difficult—the prosecution does not need much evidence to confirm a violation. Your criminal defense attorney will need to be experienced in probation hearings and know how to prove that you did not intentionally violate the judge’s terms.

Addressing Probation Violations in St. Petersburg: Local Insights

Living in St. Petersburg, you are likely familiar with the local judicial system and the stringent measures in place for probation violations. The Pinellas County Justice Center, located right here in St. Petersburg, handles numerous probation violation cases, making it essential for residents to understand the local legal landscape. The St. Petersburg Police Department and the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office are vigilant in monitoring probation compliance, which means even minor infractions can lead to significant legal consequences.

One of the common pain points for residents is the strict enforcement of probation terms, especially under Florida's Anti-Murder Act. This law imposes severe penalties for those with a history of violent crimes, and the local courts do not take these violations lightly. For instance, if you fail to report to your probation officer or break curfew, you could face immediate legal action. The local community often feels the pressure of these stringent rules, making it crucial to have a solid defense strategy.

Understanding the specific challenges faced by St. Petersburg residents, our legal team is well-versed in navigating the complexities of probation violations in this area. We know that the local courts require a thorough and strategic approach to defend against these charges. Whether you're dealing with a technical violation or a more serious accusation, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Don't let a probation violation disrupt your life. Contact us today to discuss your case and learn how we can assist you in navigating the local legal system. Our familiarity with St. Petersburg's judicial processes and our commitment to our clients make us the right choice for your defense needs.

You need to act fast when accused of violating probation. Call (727) 202-4858 to contact our skilled criminal defense lawyer in St. Petersburg today. We are available to clients 24/7.

Commonly Asked Questions

What constitutes a probation violation in Florida?

A probation violation in Florida doesn't necessarily require the commission of a new crime. Violations can be technical, such as breaking curfew, failing to report to a probation officer, or failing a drug test. Being charged with another crime can also lead to a probation violation. Given the strict nature of these violations, it's important to understand your probation terms and seek legal counsel if you're at risk of or have been accused of violating probation.

What are the consequences of a probation violation in St. Petersburg, Florida?

In St. Petersburg, Florida, the consequences of violating probation can be severe. Under the Anti-Murder Act, individuals with a history of violent crimes or repeated felonies may face strict sanctions. If you're accused of a felony probation violation, you may not be entitled to bail before a hearing. If the violation is confirmed, the judge may revoke probation and impose a sentence up to the statutory maximum. It's crucial to have a knowledgeable defense attorney to navigate these legal challenges.

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