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Mental health issues or drug and/or alcohol addiction can cause a person to make harmful decisions they would not otherwise have made had their judgment not been impaired. For instance, they might engage in prohibited conduct that results in criminal charges. Unfortunately, without obtaining effective treatment and services to address underlying issues, substance abuse or mental health disorders may persist, creating a pattern of criminal behavior. Fortunately, friends, family members, and others close to the affected person can take legal action to help their loved one access the programs they need to disrupt their addiction or focus on their mental well-being.

At Fleming Law Group, we know that redirecting addictive behaviors and addressing mental health issues is possible with well-timed and focused intervention strategies. We also recognize that recovery requires a support network that shows the affected individual that their loved ones care and are ready to be there for them during this difficult time. Our team in St. Petersburg can assist in exploring legal options and treatment choices to help your loved one. If your loved one has been involved in a criminal matter, we can also help pursue admission to an addiction program as a reduction in sentencing. We can also help find a rehab facility best equipped to aid in recovery.

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Pursuing Help Through the Baker Act

The provisions of the Baker Act are enumerated in Florida Statutes Chapter 394. Also called the Florida Mental Health Act, the law concerns the options friends, loved ones, and others can seek for those suffering from mental health issues. It also outlines the rights affected individuals have to ensure that they are not committed to a facility or program without due process. Those affected by mental illness can also seek voluntary admissions to appropriate programs.

The Baker Act:

  • Provides avenues for seeking comprehensive and intensive short-term and long-term mental health services,
  • Allows a person to voluntarily be admitted to facilities
  • Ensures that the treatment provided is appropriate for helping the affected individual re-enter society
  • Allows for emergency intervention and temporary detention
  • Ensures that the least restrictive means of treatment are provided
  • Guarantees that the affected person's rights and dignity are protected

Under the Baker Act, a person may be involuntarily taken to a mental health facility under the following circumstances:

  • They have a mental illness but refused voluntary admissions
  • They may suffer neglect because of their mental health issue
  • They pose a risk to their well-being because of neglect or refusal to voluntarily seek treatment
  • They might harm others without receiving care and treatment

At Fleming Law Group, our St. Petersburg attorneys can provide the addiction help needed to assist your loved one in accessing services and rehab admission under the Baker Act.

Seeking Treatment Through the Marchman Act

Like the Baker Act, the Marchman Act allows friends, family members, and others to pursue legal options to help another. Whereas the former law focuses on those with mental health issues, the latter is concerned with people suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Pursuit of treatment under the Marchman Act can be voluntary or involuntary.

If the affected individual does not seek services on their own, those close to them may do so on their behalf as long as the following criteria are met:

  • The person has lost self-control because of substance abuse;
  • The person doesn't appreciate their need for help and cannot make sound decisions regarding necessary care; or
  • Without care, the person may harm themselves or others

Our team can help you pursue court-involved or non-court-involved options for services for your loved one. Attorney J.S. Lucas Fleming is an interventionist and can assist in establishing care plans and adhering to treatment recommendations.

Allow Us to Provide the Guidance You Need

If a person is suffering from a mental health issue or substance addiction, they may have difficulty pursuing treatment options on their own. Fortunately, others can take action on their behalf to help the person overcome the problem. At Fleming Law Group, we can assist in finding the individualized care plan your loved one needs.

For addiction help in St. Petersburg, contact us at (727) 202-4858.

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