New Administrative Order: "No Bond For Quarantine/Isolation Violation(s)"

An Administrative Order signed on 3/27/2020 in Pinellas and Pasco County states "No Bond For Quarantine/Isolation Violation(s)."

What Does This Order Entail?

The order states that when any person violates any rule under FS 381.00315 or any isolation, quarantine or DOH requirement commits a second-degree misdemeanor. And if someone is arrested under an FS 381.00315 violation, who is reasonably believed to be infected with the coronavirus or who is reasonably believed to have been exposed, that violation is presumed to involve a danger to the public health.

If a person is arrested the bond will initially be set at "no bond." The Court could modify the no bond status at the 1st appearance hearing if appropriate and could also address other emergency relief if the circumstances warrant it.

Finally, the arresting officer in these cases will notify the jail that the arrested person is or may be infected before bringing them into any jail facility.

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